Is it really possible to do wheelies in a wheelchair? If so, exactly how do you do wheelies? The short answer is YES you can do wheelies in your wheelchair. In some circles, it is regarded as a sport. Keep reading to find out EXACTLY HOW to do wheelchair wheelies.

If you are able bodied or you actually need a wheelchair for mobility as long as you have good upper body strengthen you can do wheelies. You have to be brave if you want to do wheelies. It is not for the faint of heart.

Remember, just because you have to use a wheelchair for whatever reason, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. Wheelies can also come in very useful when you are going along and have to get up to a curb. Popping a wheelie to get onto the sidewalk is a great skill to have.

Wheelies Take a While to Learn 

What you will need is a wheelchair in good working condition and enough space to turn around without running in to objects or walls.

Protective headgear like a helmet is a MUST. If you can practice on somewhere like grass or dirt, which will have a softer impact if you do tip over.

Never try your first wheelie alone! Always have an able body person (a spotter) behind you to catch you if you fall backwards. If you ever find yourself falling backwards and your spotter can’t get to you in time, tuck your head into your chest. This will ease the fall and you will avoid bumping the back of your head.

Short Distances Come First

Next sit in the chair and begin rolling backwards and forward for short distances to get a feel for the chair. Then push forward quickly until the front wheels come off the ground. You will probably need to try this a few times when you are first starting out.

Ok you have the wheels off the ground, now it is time to keep the wheels up and balanced. This will take practice, but once you get it, you can move on to other tricks like doing a 360 turn. Whenever attempting new tricks be sure to have your spotter on hand.

You can even get involved in wheelchair spots like wheelchair basketball and wheelchair softball.
Follow the basic safety tips above and you will enjoy doing wheelies and having fun in your wheelchair.


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