If your little one was just identified as having Spina Bifida, your enthusiasm about your brand new baby might turn into disbelief, disappointment, or even anger. Eventually, parents of Spina Bifida children come to realize that they actually a chosen group, one that sees the blessings these children bring and with the ability to overcome the many challenges raising a child with Spina Bifida.

Spina Bifida is an embryo irregularity, which is usually identified in the first trimester, since it can begin in the first month, before a woman actually is aware that she is pregnant. Spina Bifida is a neural tube defect that happens in 1 out of 1000 newborn babies in the USA, and 1 out of 750 in Canada. For some unidentified reason, the embryo’s neural tube, (backbone, brain and vertebral column) does not progress correctly, resulting in varying level of long lasting problems on any one of those places.

One of the concerns that expectant mother and father of a baby identified as having Spina Bifida are wondering is, “how will this impact the child ?” and the answer for this differs. You have to become familiar with the jargon commonly used, which in fact describes what area it is believed will be impacted, which in turn, can determine the degree of paralysis.

The spine (or spina) consists of 5 regions, (and matching vertebrae):

• Cervical (C)-the neck- closest the skull with 7 vertebrae
• Thoracic vertebrae (T)-next 12 vertebrae below the neck, help support the ribs
• Lumbar vertebrae (L)-5 vertebrae commonly called the lower back
• Sacrum
• Coccyx, (the tailbone)

Knowing What Type of Spina Bifida is Gauged

Perhaps you hear other Spina Bifida mothers and fathers talking about their infant as having L2, (second spinal vertebrae of the Lumbar) or T10, (10th spinal vertebrae of the Thoracic), which describes the highest region where the defect took place. You should know the levels, to fully grasp the scale of the condition. Should you have any difficulties comprehending the diagnosis, ask your physicians to keep discussing it to you in very easy terms.

Within the first twenty-four hours of living, a surgical procedure will be done to close up the opening to the spinal column. This is often a very difficult part for most new parents since they simply want to hug their newborn and comfort it. It is a natural relationship building time; however, the baby is usually put into surgical treatment, immediately. Babies recuperate very quickly from the closure surgery.

Observing the spirit of these infants overcome such a distressing surgical procedure makes many mothers and fathers recognize what a unique blessing they and their baby have been given.


Your baby could develop hydrocephalus and will need to have a shunt inserted. Hydrocephalus is having excessive fluid in the brains ventricles. Your neurosurgeon is going to observe very carefully for indications of hydrocephalus developing. It is quite prevalent for kids with Spina Bifida to get hydrocephalus.

Many mothers and fathers might go to some kind of Spina Bifida support network that has the solutions from knowledgeable people who have experienced, or are going through the identical experience as you. They will help you understand and appreciate your Spina Bifida child more than ever before.


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