Ebay Ultralight Wheelchairs can be found on Ebay if you search for the word “Karman”, or a specific model of one of our wheelchairs. Ultra Light wheelchairs are available through Karman Healthcare’s network of medical equipment distributors, some of our distributors also have listings on ebay that you can take a look at if you prefer buying your medical equipment through ebay.

Ultra Light Wheelchairs are the lightest types of wheelchairs you can find on the market, they provide you, the user, with a lightweight frame that can be carried and stored in a very convenient way.

Ebay ultralight wheelchairs are found by searching ebay.com for a specific type of chair. Some of these chairs have fixed or removable footrests, they can have flip back or removable armrests, they also come in different rear wheel sizes, depending on what you are looking for.