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Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs

Ultra lightweight wheelchairs are part of our manual wheelchair series that offer a light durable frame and great features. We provide ultra lightweight wheelchairs that are considered folding wheelchairs. This means that the frame can be folded and stored into a small space, such as a vehicle trunk, car garage or storage space.

To be effectively categorized as an ultra lightweight wheelchair, the weight must not exceed 30 pounds by Medicare and HCPCS rules.  For a light weight wheelchair, that comes in around 31-33 pounds.  However, Karman wheelchairs take these numbers to a new height…Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs are a great choice if you are looking for a light manual wheelchair. Several features separate each wheelchair from the next, some of our ultra light wheelchair categories include Manual Big Wheel Wheelchairs, and Transport Small Wheel Wheelchairs that cater to anyone looking for the right choice in manual light chairs.

Karman prides ourselves in the craftsmanship.  Most of our parts area uniquely tooled, designed, and manufactured by our R&D department.  For the reason that, all S-ERGO components are made from our own patented designs.  From the engineered resign components to the aircraft grade aluminum.  We take no exceptions in crafting the perfect wheelchair available.  To learn more about our wheelchair advantages, just simply compare the weight class.  Therefore, Look at the weight of each product.  Compare the costs and sales price.  Therefore, most competitors allow or omit the weight.  As a result cheaper materials are used.  Portability has become a valued commodity due to the rising costs of raw materials.

Above all, a Lightweight wheelchair is typically made from aluminum but sometimes from steel or a combination of both metals.  This allows a less than standard weight of 38-50 lbs.. Light Wheelchairs in this category generally weigh in from 29 – 34 lbs.

We have many wheelchairs to choose from in the 29 – 34 pound weight range and we also have chairs that are well below 29 lbs in the ultra light wheelchair category. If it is light weight you are looking for, ask about our new 14.5 lb frame ERGO FLIGHT.  All S-ERGO Series wheelchairs fall within the ultra lightweight wheelchairs category and features Ergonomic Seating.

Ultra Light, extremely portable wheelchairs.

Easy to fold and store, easy to lift into a small or large vehicle.

Ultra lightweight wheelchairs & lightweight wheelchairs

We provide users with the lightest wheelchair frames available in today’s market. As a result, our folding ultra lightweight wheelchairs are the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for a light frame, our chair comes standard with top end technology.

Ultra lightweight wheelchairs provide you with a lightweight solution for your personal needs, without sacrificing performance and durability. Therefore, all of our ultra light chairs are foldable, which allows you to store it in a vehicle trunk.  More importantly you can store them behind the seat of your car or in a storage space.

Users can have all the features that a rigid wheelchair (non-foldable) has, plus the added benefit of being able to fold up the chair. Our ultra light wheelchairs offer a wide range of options and features to suit a user’s personal needs and preferences.

In this category you can find wheelchairs that weigh as low as 15 pounds, and with features such as removable armrests, full or desk length armrests, removable or fixed footrests, large or small rear wheels, and many accessories to choose from.

All ultra lightweight wheelchairs come standard with companion handles. Most of these chairs are available in a 16″ or 18″ seat width. Most chairs have desk-length armrest pads, which easily fit under a desk or a table. Therefore some wheelchair models have have flip-back armrests which makes transferring much easier.  More importantly into the trunk of a car or any other storage space.  Swing-away detachable leg rests also provide further mobility and ease of use.

Ask about our adaptive or prescription based Bariatric’s if the KM-8520F20 and KM-8520F22 do not meet any of your specific needs or you can check out our BT-10 bariatric model and S-2512 ultra light model. Therefore Transport chairs are also meant to be flexible mobility aids for travel and activity outside the home, you will also find them under Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs.

RESOURCES – Each Product Landing Page has all the information pertinent to the product (e.g. HCPCS Codes, Dimensions, Literature, UPC, etc).  If you would like to see every product listed by specs and details, please visit our Resources Landing page by clicking HERE. Check out our Landing Page Directory

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    ERGO FLIGHT-TP 18 lbs

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    FLEXX – 28.5 lbs

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    802-DY – 30 lbs

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  • LT-K5 Lightweight Wheelchair

    LT-K5 – 28 lbs

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    LT-990 – 24 lbs

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