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Transport Wheelchairs

Transport wheelchairs or companion chairs are companion wheelchairs where the purpose is for a companion to push the user. Most of our transporters have swing-away leg rests, fixed armrests, and side panels. Instead of the usual ‘large back – small front’ wheels typical of most wheelchairs, light travel chairs have four small wheels providing much easier maneuverability of the chair.

How many mobility brands actually CRASH TEST their transport wheelchairs? No other company does except us. We set the bar for High Quality and Safety.  Learn more about S-ERGO today and all CRASH TESTED S-Shape Seating Frames.  Also learn more about many optional models with removable machine washable and dryable cushions made by AEIGIS® treated anti-microbial coated seating system.

  • Transporter chair is a companion wheelchair where the purpose is for a companion to push the user.
  • Most of the chairs in this category have swing-away leg rests.
  • Most of our companion chairs have fixed armrests and side panels.
  • Our companion chairs generally weigh between 18 – 29 lbs.
  • Most of our travel chairs are made of durable lightweight aluminum.
  • Transport mobility is available in a standard 18″ / 19″ and most are also in a narrow 16″ / 17″ seat width.

Light Travel Chairs

For mobility assistance in getting around outside your residence or visiting the doctor’s office, browse our line of travel chairs. These wheelchairs are typically lightweight for easy transport, and many models fold down for storage and ease of use.

Our selection of portable chairs offer features and options that other manufacturers do not. You can choose your wheelchair with features such as companion-activated hand brakes, anti-tippers, and other accessories.

Safety and Mobility

For your other mobility needs, browse our selection of mobility devices, accessories and bathroom safety products. You can find wheelchairs with many different features for various body types and sizes. Cushions made of gel, foam or with Aegis treated covers can help you stay comfortable throughout the day. Other accessories include seat belts, head rests and carry pouches.

Wheelchair Features, Components, and Color Choices

Wheeled chairs that are considered transport have many different variations of features, components, and color choices. You can find them with fixed armrests, desk length armrests, and permanent fixed arms, flip back armrests, padded arms, and removable full or desk length armrests.

All available reclining transport chairs come with four wheels and a cross brace that leads to the seat of the chair. They can come in many different weight classes including 10 to 20 lbs., 20 to 30 lbs., and over 30 pounds. The less the chair weighs, the better it is for its intended purposes of travel ease.

Based on the weight of the potential user, there are weight classes that are suited to different types of body types. You can find them in 200 to 300 lbs., all the way up to 500 lbs. weight capacity. Color choices can vary and it can include frame color and upholstery color for the most part. We offer black, silver, blue, and red color frames, upholstery can vary from black to silver and a mix of both as well.

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Choosing a travel chair is a big decision, and you want to be certain that you will reap all the benefits of a chair without any hassles. We designed our chairs to be light so they are easy to use for travel. They are also foldable for easy transport in cars and for storage. A travel chair is also a valuable mobility aid for individuals who don’t normally require wheelchairs.They are meant to be pushed by a family member or caregiver, as their small wheels make it impossible for the user to propel herself.

Users of walking aids may find a light travel wheelchair is a comfortable alternative when attending lengthy events like weddings or when you are outdoors.

For more information on how to transport a wheelchair in a vehicle, please review articles on restraining a wheelchair.

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    ERGO LITE – S-2501 18 lbs

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    MVP-502 Transport – 34 lbs

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  • T-2700 folded up

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  • T-2000 side view

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  • LT-1000 Wheelchair brakes

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    LT-2017 & LT-2019 – 19 lbs

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  • T-900 Back View Transport Wheelchair

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