Wheelchairs that weigh under 20 pounds are considered ultra lightweight wheelchairs because of their weight class. Usually wheelchairs under 30 pounds are considered ultra lightweight wheelchairs, meaning that wheelchairs under 20 lbs. are actually the top weight tier of ultra light wheelchairs.  You can consider this type of weight class if you are looking for a chair that is easy to carry and easier to store than most lightweight wheelchairs. Transport and Active wheelchairs are also sometimes under the same weight class and under 20 pounds. Usually made from aluminum, Karman Healthcare provides wheelchairs under 20 pounds for users that need a wheelchair frame that is considered a featherweight frame.

The LT-980 is the most competitively priced, lowest price available wheelchair weighing in at 24 lbs., ultra lightweight, lightest weight, best priced k4 wheelchair. *The frame weight is only 13 lbs., and compares to other feather weight categories found at higher price points.  This chair comes in a 18″ seat width, which is the most popular seat size for manual wheelchairs.  Find out why this is one of our best sellers through reviews and standing the test of time in getting the lower priced true entry level into the ultralight weight category.  Our polyurethane non marking light grey wheels is perfect for indoor and carpet use.  Not only do we have the ability to keep our wheels squeaky clean, but there is a specially made handgrip for ease of manual propel when using the wheelchair.  A truly unique chair that will excel amongst most traditional entry level wheelchair.

wheelchairs under 20 pounds



Feather weight is not an official category for wheelchairs which is traditionally classified as:

  1. Standard Weight
  2. Light weight
  3. Ultra Lightweight


Now as you can see in the above, the ERGO FLIGHT weighs in 19.8lbs with all wheels attached. It actually weighs in lower than 13 lbs frame weight, but we use the LT-980 as our lowest price entry level wheelchair to achieve to compete with this category. For a true feather weight type of category to be created. The unloaded weight of foot rests and wheels must be under 13.4 lbs to be considered a baseline to be in the category.


As manufactures continue to use lighter materials and architecture that meets FDA testing guidelines, we are faced with the challenge of also balancing a competitive price in which is reasonable for the end user. Materials like titanium could be used, however, it would be price prohibitive to pursue that avenue. Now if you are to be in the wheelchair for more than 3-4 hours in day, we would suggest that you start with an LT-980 or consider one of our more full sized S-ERGO brands starting with the lower entry level of an S-105. The most popular models would be the S-115 with many other options found in the S-305 for flip back arm rest and height adjustable feathers in the arms and center of gravity.

Make sure you get professional advice and not just buy from any online seller or reseller that is not backed by a time tested proven track record. Without a real brand to stand behind the warranty, you might as well not have any real support after you’ve had the wheelchair for many years. Most standard, non FDA test, not registered with Noridian chairs may not have gone though testing, nor be made to standards to stand the test of time and safety. After all, what’s riding on the chair is literally the most important assets of all times. Whether it’s you, your family or a loved one. Choose the best. Choose Karman.