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Karman Finger Pulse Oximeter

  • Fresh and elegant pattern
  • Four-way OLED display of 0.95 inches
  • Good anti-wrestling character, still working properly even after dropping from the high place of 1.2m
  • Thin and light body with 24mm thick and 36 g weight
  • Built-in Bluetooth of 4.0 low-power module, longer time for use.
Product Features
  • Display Mode: 0.96″ Dual-color OLED display(blue and yellow)
  • Display Mode: SP02 Value, Pulse Rate Value, Pulse Rate Waveform, Bar Graph, Battery Voltage Display.
  • Different display mode. There are four display modes, and the display mode can be changed by pressing the key;
  • Pulse synchronization function. The pulse waveform, pulse mark, and bar graph are synchronous with the pulse beep.
  • Voltage indication: voltage indicator always appears.
  • Automatically power off function: when the device is under the state of measuring interface. It will automatically power off within 60 seconds if the finger falls out of probe.
  • Accuracy:70%~100%:±2% , Below 70% unspecified.
  • PR Measuring Range:18bpm~250bpm, (the resolution is 1bpm) Accuracy:25bpm~250bpm:±3bpm , Other range unspecified
  • Measurement Performance in Weak Filling Condition: SpO2 and pulse rate can be shown correctly when pulse-filling ratio is 0.4%. SpO2 error is ±3%, pulse rate error is ±2 bpm or ±2% (select larger).
  • Power Consumption: less than 20mA Voltage: DC 3.5V~4.2V
  • Alarm function. When the measurement result is out of the pre-setting threshold, the measurement result will sparkle.
  • Includes Carry Pouch and Anti Tippers
  • Pulse Beep function. The pulse beep is synchronous with the pulse and can be off automatically.
Product Measurements
Maximum Weight50(g) (Including battery)
Input100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 0.18A
Output Voltage5V
Output Current1A
Rated Voltage3.7V
Battery Run Time16h (Fully-charged new battery, Ambient temperature:25C
Charging Voltage5V, 160mA
Charge Time2h
Power70 mW
Measurement Range0%~100%
Accuracy70%~100%, 2%
Measurement Range18bpm~250bpm
Device Features

Bluetooth 4.0Standard
Store MemoryStandard
Power Saver ModuleStandard
Patient ProofStandard