When we think of self-protection items, we often think of pepper spray or stun gun. However, these two items are not always welcome to be use in certain states. There are no state laws where you cannot use a personal alarm, which makes the device a valuable item to invest. It is the perfect device to carry when you are traveling or going to school, or walking late at night.

A personal alarm cannot disable anyone but it can startle an attacker for you to get away. The loud sound is something that the attacker does not want to draw attention.

Personal alarm are also good for elderly or handicapped people who many not be able to defend themselves or any other devices that are more complicated to use. Most personal alarms come with a button or a top to pull apart to emit the loud sound. They are also good for young children when they are walking on their own to school or to the bus stop.

Last but not least, personal alarms are also good for college students living in dorms or in apartments. Students may have to take a night class and have to walk back to their dorms or apartment. The personal alarm can help protect them from unwanted intruders.

When you are looking for a self-defense item, the personal alarm is inexpensive and portable to carry around. You can use it for any situations and anyone can you use it.


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