Interacting with a wheelchair user

Interacting users

Tips to Help Interact with Wheelchair Users
In today’s article, we will go over some tips on how you can interact with a wheelchair user because some people feel they need to know if there are specific ways of interacting with. Now, you may already have a family member or a close friend that is disabled and is in a wheelchair then you already know how to interact with wheelchair users but you can still read this article to find more tips.
One of the best ways to help the disabled is to not park in handicap parking spots because it is Interacting users specifically for them. It can cause a lot of trouble for someone in a wheelchair to have to park across the whole street if you parked in there spot just because you wanted to be closer to the entrance. Try not to park on the hashtags around the parking stop either!
Try to greet them as if they were not in a wheelchair. That meaning does not pat them on the head if they can’t move there arms or legs. Grown adults do not want to be patted on the head as if they were a child or a dog. If they happen to be able to move their arms then you can extend your arm for a regular handshake even though they cannot move their hands.They will appreciate the effort instead of not trying to greet them.
Interacting with friends   Talking
They are humans to they want to be social so talk to them as well don’t just talk to their companion if you need to ask them something. Ask them if you are unsure of something if you work at a restaurant and you do not have wheelchair seating then ask the wheelchair user if that place where you want to seat them is okay. They will feel appreciated. Respect
This should be obvious but it had to be thrown in the ring. If you ask someone who does not hold a wheelchair to hold your dog on their lap then you have to ask the wheelchair user. The wheelchairs can be expensive then can reach thousands of dollars depending on the style of wheelchair you buy. One should definitely not play around with the wheelchair because you can mess up the adjustments itInteracting wheelchairs currently has.
  Going out
Sometimes they may feel like they are a burden to go out with and will feel like they shouldn’t go but it is up to you if you want them to go. You just have to accept how they will see the situations. Wheelchair users still want to feel like they are invited and their disability has nothing to do with their personality.


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