Disability Skydiving and why it’s Possible

Skydiving wheelchair user

Skydiving Even Though You’re Disabled
The sound of skydiving can be scary on its own. If have a disability and are afraid of heights then it must be way scarier. When you skydive you are basically falling safely from a huge distance from the ground. There are many companies out there that let you skydive out of a plane and safely. There are different methods of skydiving and two of those being a free fall method and the other with the assistance of the instructor which is the most common. In this article, we will suggest a great company that does specialize in skydiving and some more general information on skydiving and also some alternatives that exist out there. Stay tuned!


The first parachute jump recorded in history is by Andre-Jacques who happen to invent the parachute itself. He tested by jumping from a hydrogen balloon on October 22nd in the year of 1797. Without Andre, the sport of skydiving would not even exist! Imagine what was going through his head when he started to invent it? Seems like he was really curious about finding a way to safely jump off a high distance. The way itself how he first tested is cool also. Jumping from a big balloon is just unprecedented. He had jumped 3,200 feet above the Paris and only had little resistance because of course was a test and like a prototype.


There are many widely used ways the art of jumping off a high place safely. A recreational way is one of the most common ways because there have been companies that have sprung up and turned it into a business. The risks that are involved have convinced people to consider it as an extreme sport. If the chute does not deploy then you will realize why it is an extreme sport because you can break a lot of bones if you land on the floor without the chute. Professionals also tend to parachute a lot of airborne forces, special operation forces, and sometimes firefighters also do this method to access the forest fires that sprung up. A side note, southern California is known for forest fires so you may see some of this action take place.

Skydiving for the Disabled

A company was known as “Start Skydiving .com” specializes in helping the disabled earn a skydiving experience. They have special accommodations and they are worth checking out. They have accommodations from hearing disabilities to being quadriplegic. If you take a dive into their website you can get more information on the different help they offer. You can also give them a call to see what you should know if you are thinking of going for the extreme fun experience.


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