3 Go To Places In LA For Wheelchair Users

The city of LA

3 Places that are wheelchair user-friendly in LA


3 kinds of fish

1. Aquarium of the Pacific

At this location, you can go right up to most tanks and examine all the different types of animals they have to offer. They even offer 3 free to use wheelchairs for the day if you need another one for any reason. 3 Audio tours are an option here which can be useful in many cases for people who need it. At the Aquarium of the Pacific, they have a vast selection of colorful fish you can see and see the divers interact with!

this fish is bigger then 3 regular fish

3 times bigger than an average fish

We included two different species of fish you can find at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Remember when you go to take pictures because it is very easy to take the pictures over the guard rails they currently have installed. They also have a big zoom telescope that is located in the middle of the pier on your right side.

2. Santa Monica Pier 

Santa Monica pier is the center of southern California beaches that is why it is on the list. Here you will find a beautiful beach filled with all your local residents and sea life. They even have a workout area on the beach part if anyone that does not have a wheelchair happens to tag along. The actual pier is where the magic is because they have restaurants and a small amusement park. Most weekends you will find entertainers along the sides of the piers typically showcasing their talents. Most importantly they have a really nice view you can’t go without snapping a few pictures. Don’t worry we will include some photos for you to enjoy before you head on over.


Above we inserted three different images of Santa Monica you can expect to experience when you go.

3. The LA Zoo

When you visit the LA zoo in a wheelchair it can be intimidating because of all the hills and uphills the park has. They have a shuttle that can take you to a number of places that you will not normally be able to get to yourself. In the international marketplace, a wheelchair can be rented as an electrical or regular wheelchair it’s your choice. If you have a service animal with you it is not a problem because all they need is a submitted TB test that came out negative. Also, don’t forget that a staff member or volunteer has to be with you at all times. To top off the amount of assistance that you can have they offer audio assistance and sign language interpreters which can be helpful. Below we will include some images of places you will experience at the zoo.

If you want detailed information on any of the places we listed here today the links to them are below. You can visit the websites and find more detailed information or you can also contact them directly and they will guide you in the right direction. If you are already there they all have some type of information booth where you can get access to all the questions you may have regarding the place. Another important thing to note is  directions to the location will be found there as well so it can make everything smoother and you can start having fun.

First one:  Aquarium of the Pacific

Second one: Santa Monica Pier

Third one: LA Zoo


Maurice Smith