Parenting From a Wheelchair

Being a parent is a difficult job that deals with mentally and physically challenges. However, if you are a parent who is using a wheelchair, there are more obstacles to face. Just because you are using a wheelchair does not make parenting any that much different when it comes to raising kids.

As a parent who is a using a wheelchair, the most common question that one might ask is: how do you be hands on with the experience without being on the sideline when raising a child? By making some adjustments to approaching the situation, being a parent on a wheelchair is no different than being a parent in general.

Babies, Infants, Toddles

Raising a baby, infant, or a toddler is physically challenging task. To make the situation easier, you may have to change the height of the changing table so it easier to reach. There are special cribs that are designed for parents who use wheelchairs. It is a great idea to buy without trying to make your own because it already meets all safety standards. Another obstacle you may face is, how do I pick up my child who is playing on the floor? You can create a play area inside a large hamper so you can pick up your child in a contained area.

Growing/School Aged Children

There are new challenges to face when you are parenting a growing child who has started going to school. One of the challenges is finding accessibility to attend school activities and field trips.

There will be times where you may feel like you cannot play with your children but it is all about perspective. There are creative ways to improvise playtime to accommodate the situation.

Always remember to breaks and rest whenever you can so you can re-energize. Raising children is a challenging task that comes with many obstacles. Sometimes it many not be the standard way but that does not mean you are any different on how you raise your children because each family has their own way.


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