We make use of numerous great conveniences and inventions everyday that make daily living more efficient and easier. We never give them much of a second thought. The many great devices we utilize daily are a result of numerous people’s hard work and diligence. From light switches, fridges, shower faucets down to even our shoes.

An invention that we don’t give much thought to is the caster wheel. They are used daily on grocery carts and office chairs for example. The caster wheel is attached to a fork, however it has a further steering joint that is offset that allows the wheel to turn a full 360 degrees. The casters are then affixed to a chassis.

The Front Caster Moves Independently from Frame

With the steering joint, the chassis can easily turn without changing direction. When moving straight ahead, the swivel caster will turn to travel parallel in the direction of the motion, thereby maintaining a motion that is straight without having to steer precisely. When turning, the caster wheels utilize the same principle, therefore making turning easier.

Caster wheels have been used in numerous fields because of their easy use and sturdy design. You can often see them used in theatre and scenery settings. Scenery pieces can be moved easily and quickly to transport the bulky pieces from one spot to another on set. 

Caster Wheels Make the World Go Around

Caster wheels are also very useful on handcarts, dollies and even wheelchairs. In the foodservice sector you will often see them on work tables or on food transportation carts.

As we stated earlier, the most popular application of caster wheels is on office chairs and shopping carts, but there are also hundreds of different areas and uses of caster wheels. Similar to other amazing inventions we utilize daily, we never give much of a second thought about how this great invention makes our daily lives so much easier.

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