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The Trade War between the U.S. and China can affect the wheelchair industry and their consumers. The cost of wheelchairs may rise should the current trade war continue. Companies acquire expenses when importing raw materials such as metal which they have to pay tariffs on. Another expense adds on when exporting in form of other […]

What was the First Electric Wheelchair?

The first electric wheelchair was the Klein Drive Chair which was invented by Canadian inventor George Klein and his team in 1953. His team developed a unique package of technologies that are still current features of electric wheelchairs today. Early electric wheelchairs were essentially standard wheelchairs with a motor attached. An electric wheelchair is propelled […]

Is it Offensive to Use a Wheelchair as a Part of a Costume?

Is it offensive to use a wheelchair as part of a costume? Unless you are actually in need of a mobility device, then yes. With Halloween around the corner, people are currently coming up with or have already prepared their costume. While there are plenty of non-offensive costumes, there a few individuals who will be […]

What are Pull Tabs for Wheelchairs?

Pull tabs for wheelchairs, also known as Pop Tabs for Wheelchairs, is an initiative that encourages the public to collect the ring tab on the top of any standard aluminum drink cans and exchange them for a wheelchair. However, there are many questions and concerns surrounding this initiative. Also, there has noted events where the […]

The Best Power Wheelchair for Air Travel

The best power wheelchair or scooter to use for a trip by flight are difficult to pick out because depending on the conditions determines they type of wheelchairs or scooters one should take on their trip. There are many different types of wheelchairs out there for different purposes which help facilitate the person’s daily lives. […]

What Happens when you Remove the Freewheel from a Wheelchair?

A freewheel is a wheel attached to the frame of the wheelchair that allows it to go over a greater variety of grounds due to the size of the wheel and texture. If the freewheel is removed the different type of ground will not be as easy or even possible to go over because the […]

Deciding What is the Best Type of Wheelchair

Deciding what the best type of wheelchair is will have you finding that there is no one clear answer to this question. The best type of wheelchair is whatever best fits the user’s needs while making them feel comfortable and confident. There are many different types of wheelchair categories. Each has different models suited for […]

Using a Wheelchair with Severe Autism

Many will argue that a child or adult with severe autism may not have the capability to use a wheelchair for mobility because it may be too dangerous for them and others around. While others will state that their loved ones benefit from a wheelchair by gaining easier mobility. The reality is, it depends on […]

Ways to get an expensive power wheelchair

Obtaining funding for a wheelchair can be a confusing path; however, the US offers a variety of funding programs. Getting an expensive power wheelchair may be tricky but we will explore a few avenues throughout as well as provide necessary information. Before purchasing a wheelchair, talk with your doctor to help you decide what type […]

Should you buy a cheap wheelchair?

It is important that when purchasing a wheelchair the purpose for its need is satisfied. Many will look at the price when purchasing a wheelchair to save money but in the long run, the cost is greater when choosing price over quality. A quality wheelchair will cost more and in return will offer greater benefits. […]

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