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Planning Out a Road Trip with Someone in a Wheelchair

Are you and your loved one adventure lovers? You might be planning a road trip with your loved ones, right? And you are on this page because your loved one is in a wheelchair, and you want to plan a perfect wheelchair road trip. Road trips with your dearest ones are full of fun and […]

What Organizations Help Wheelchair Users

Do you or your disabled family member need a wheelchair? Or you want to donate something to wheelchair users? Wheelchair organizations are the best option to get the donors and recipients connected. There are various organizations providing donations and mobility aid to individuals in need. Let us explore top organizations providing aid to wheelchair users […]

Ways to Help a Wheelchair User

Is your friend or loved one in a wheelchair and you are wondering how you can help them? If you would like to help them in more ways, you should start to understand the basic parts of a wheelchair.  Knowing the basic parts and structure of a chair will be helpful with properly handling the […]

Ways to Prevent an Injury While Using a Wheelchair

In order to prevent an injury when using a wheelchair, you must be able to identify the cause of the injury in the first place. The most common injuries that arise from wheelchair use will involve the shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm, and wrist. Injuries can include soft tissue, nerve damage, sprains, abrasions, and contusions. Below […]

Offensive Things to Avoid Saying to Wheelchair Users

Here are 8 things to avoid saying to a person in a wheelchair:   “I had to use a wheelchair for a while once, so I know exactly what you’re going through.”   The truth is, you have no idea how that other person feels. You may have spent some time in a wheelchair for […]

Obtaining a Wheelchair with Little to No Income

Wheelchairs can be expensive. So how does one obtain a wheelchair with little to no income? Below are some ways that you can get a wheelchair with low or no income. Please keep in mind this is a simple overview. Medicare For Medicare to pay for a manual wheelchair, you must have a condition that […]

Wheelchair Mobility

How did wheelchair mobility become to mean what it does today? Wheelchair mobility is the ability to get around with the use of a wheelchair or power-driven device to help improve the lives of individuals without the capability to walk. Wheelchair mobility can be increased in many different ways. Throughout history, mobility has been improved […]

Repairing Wheelchair Wheels

Repairing a wheel on a wheelchair can be very easy depending on the type of wheel one has. Something wheels have to be taken to shops that fix the puncture like bike shops with specific equipment. Other times the wheel can’t be fixed due to the threads being used up, puncture causing rubber to rip […]

The Best Outdoor Wheelchair

Karman has had two of their wheelchairs selected as the two of the top five best outdoor wheelchairs. This demonstrates that Karman Healthcare is devoted to providing the top of the line equipment to allow those without the capability to get around have the most mobility possible. They specialize in all types of equipment like […]

Making Walt Disney World Accessible

Accessibility for All Disney Land is known for the creation of a magical world where anyone can experience a magical time. Disneyland has gone the extra mile to make sure everyone is able to have that experience including people in wheelchairs or mobility scooters regardless of the reason of use. The experience is not just […]

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