Rear Wheelchair Wheels
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Rear Wheelchair Wheels

R241 Rear mag wheels black
RC-S115 Reflection Wheel cover for S-ergo
RF-115 Reflection rear wheel cover pair
RW-802022 Rear wheel for KM8020F20/22”
RW-9020L 20 x 1 rear spoke wheel for KM9020L
RW-950 Rear wheel 22 x 1 for LT-950
RW-MGN-SG Magnesium wheel 24 x 1 silver/grey
RW-MGN-SY 24 x 1 magnesium q/r yellow tire
RW-S105 Rear spoke wheel 24” PU tire, S-115
RW-S305Q Rear spoke wheel, 24” PU tire S-305
RW-VLCN-SG 24 x 1 vulcan q/r grey tire silver rim
RW12 Rear Mag Wheels 12” PU tire
RW-221 Rear mag wheels 22 x 1 w/bearing
RW241 Rear mag wheel, 24 x 1
RW88 Rear mag wheel, 24 x 1 3/8 fpr S-305

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Rear Wheelchair Wheels Types

  • Spoke Rear Wheelchair Wheels

  • Mag Rear Wheelchair Wheels

  • Composite Rear Wheelchair Wheels


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